Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My blog's been getting spanked by some unruly spam from this ten million dollar website hoax. The spam technology responsible seems to be by this thing called Superblogsubmitter. Please spread the word to email them and give them a big FUCK YOU in the name of all bloggers!

Fortunately their email address is listed on their site. It's:


Thank you and good day.
Sunday, October 23, 2005

I don't usually devote much space on this blog to techno, but every now and then something comes along that feels so right I just have to share. These are two DJ mixes courtesy of The Black Dog, and for those who enjoyed their heady blend of mellow techno, ethno-organic sampling, electro flourishes, and overall moody ambience back in the mid 90's, this should be a happy reunion. Being that these are a) new, and b) in mixed form, it also shows a side of Black Dog that may be foreign to those of us who only knew them in the context of their studio material. Perhaps surprisingly, the abstract electronic ambience early into "Late One Night" opens into some serious party rockin dancefloor business towards the end. The "Chill Mix" makes good on its title. For all the boring mood music that ambient techno produced in the 90's, The Black Dog at its best proved the promise of techno[logy] in creating compelling ambient music infused with rhythmic inventiveness. Headphone business!

The Black Dog - "Late One Night in 2005" mix

The Black Dog - "Chill Mix"
Friday, October 21, 2005

It's official: Dubstep is back in NYC!...


Friday, November 18
ROTHKO, lower east side, NYC
DJ's: Kode 9 (Hyperdub, Rephlex Records, London, UK)
Joe Nice (GourmetBeats, 2 Charming, Baltimore)
Dave Q (Brooklyn, NY, Dub War resident)
Others to be announced soon...

NYC's only dubstep night goes extra large, moving to Rothko in Manhattan. And to celebrate we're bringing none other than London's DJ KODE 9 for his first NY appearance! Expect the hyperdub sound the way it's supposed to be heard: on a massive system.

Also teaming up with Kode 9 will be El Presidente of dubstep in the U.S., Mr. JOE NICE repping Baltimore and making his 3rd appearance at DUB WAR. You know what it is. Strictly dubplate pressure!

I'll be holding it down as always. Expect full details and roster coming soon. We're talking 2 floors of music, special guest DJ's, the works. This event is 100% confirmed so start making those travel plans now...
Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just have to say up front, don't slay me for being so quiet lately. The job's been kicking my ass. Nuff said.

A growing and gathering insurgency... Dub War
Despite the radio silence, all has not been quiet behind the scenes. Let's just say Dub War is gonna be back VERY soon, and it'll be on a bigger scale than even the faithful could have hoped. That's all I'll say for now but look out for the big announcement about Dub War in November real soon.

N-Ron & Leftenant - 'A Thunder Sound' Mixtape

This one came in the post courtesy of Alex aka Leftenant of SoundInk Records and it's a banger. Just under an hour of mashed up jeep beats spanning the 'shanty house' spectrum: dancehall, grime, baille funk, hip hop, and abstract electronic niceness mashed and blended for optimal potency.

Download N-Ron & Leftenant - "A Thunder Sound" mix
More info and tracklisting here.


And lastly I gotta give respect to the Bunker NYC crew for throwing a serious banger this weekend with Vex'd and Plasticman visiting from London to grace the New York massive. This was an ace evening. Great to meet everybody, especially Jamie Vex'd. Huge set brother! Also shout to Benny the lurker! Good to finally meet ya.
3am brooklyn radio waves

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