Thursday, July 21, 2005

I recently dug up this mix from my stash of old minidiscs, and it's a worthwhile look back at some of the dread garage and early dubstep tunes that first got me excited about this whole dubstep business. I mixed this back in 2001 when I had just started DJing, so go easy on me!...

Dubquixote Dubstep Mix November 2001

Menta - Sound of the Future
? - Can't Beat the System
Es-G - Get Dirty
Quartz - Meltdown (El-B remix)
? - Bad Boy
Horsepower - Gorgon Sound
Horsepower - What U Need ?
El-B - If You Want It
Ras Kwame - Vibez Is Bubblin?
Zed Bias - Pretty Pretty

Ahhh, the memories....
Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Dubstep is absolutely killing right now, building steam with a tremendous surge of creative output from an ever wider roster of heads getting involved from production, to DJing, to promoting, to reporting. It's difficult to even keep track of all the tremors being felt underground right now, but the likelyhood of a seismic thrust forward into dubstep's next wave seems great at the moment.

The surest sign of this would have to be the reemergence of the almighty DJ Hatcha, whose recent Rinse FM sets, and especially his mammoth new mix CD, boast so many new dubs that the global dubstep massive will be waiting years to come for most of them to see the light of day...

DJ Hatcha Practice Hours CD
DJ Hatcha, Rinse FM June 8, 2005

Shouts to blackdown and dubway for hosting

Other exciting things happening on the dubstep front right now...

- DMZ 004, Digital Mystikz "Officer" and "Mood Dub" now in stores (big release!)
- Skream "Late Night Request Line" coming soon on Tempa recordings (even bigger!)
- Skream "Smiling Faces" dub getting caned by Hatcha... Is this the BIGGEST DUBSTEP BASSLINE EVER??? I'm just asking.
- Rumors of the return of Big Apple Records (still very much rumor I'm afraid, but I can hope can't I!)
- D1, Pinch, Distance, Scuba, Vex'd all dropping bombs at the moment
- The dubstep virus spreading to Bristol, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Croatia, Portugal, and beyond.

And of course I have to mention...
The next Dub War party here in Brooklyn is confirmed for August 20th, and is looking bigger and badder than the last one. Watch this space.
Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bleep.com is now selling a nice selection of dubstep mp3s with none of the annoying restrictions that one runs up against when shopping the itunes music store. At a mere $1.35 per song, that's quite a bargain considering how difficult it is to get your hands on these tunes in the States. Shout to Blackdown for putting together Bleep's amazing Road playlist. Can't wait for DMZ 004 and the fortcoming Tempa releases!

And while we're on the topic, the forthcoming Vex'd lp is up at Bleep with full previews. Loving that "Crusher Dub"...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You know I gotta big up Joe Nice each and every time, but this one is a little something special. Fresh on the heels of his visit to play alongside myself and John Ask at the Dub War party, it looks like Joe's headed to London in September to play at the next installment of DMZ (!), the largest dubstep rave in the solar system. Congrats, brotha! So you might as well download Joe's last radio show and nod your head to this cuz it's on some mellow mellow nu-steppin loveliness.

And in related news, DUB WAR 2, the next installment of New York's first and only dubstep party, is happening August 20th at Sputnik. More info to come... Out!

Big big respect to Dubway for hosting a motherload of dubstep sets ripped straight from the pirates. Head over to this site to hear all the top boys of the sound live and in the mix: Youngsta, Digital Mystikz, Hatcha, N-Type, Search & Destroy, all in mp3 format... Yummy.

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